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Community Health Groups

Community Health facilitates a number of groups and programs including:


Strength and Endurance Group

This is an activity class for people who may not be confident or able to go to a gym, includes a mix of light weights and aerobic activity, fully supervised by a physiotherapist. Assessments are done before clients will be put into group to ensure all activities are appropriate. This has helped people improve their physical fitness and daily living safe and supportive environment as well as helping people make new friends.


Bringing up Great Kids

Bringing Up Great Kids is a group parenting program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation and run in collaboration with “Tomorrow Today’ Foundation. The program uses mindful reflection to support parents to:

  • Enhance how they communicate with their children; and
  • Increase respect between the children and the parent; and encourage their children’s positive self-identity.

I actually got more than I hoped for. After each visit I felt more focused and motivated about change and how I could improve my ability and understanding of my children’s needs. Reflecting on my childhood was powerful and I am very grateful for this course. I love learning.

I gained a deeper insight into child development. I discovered that what I thought is actual fact. I feel more confident that I am good enough.


REACH Cooking Class

The Benalla Health REACH cooking group is held at Waminda Neighbourhood House since 2013. The group come together fortnightly to cook and share a healthy, budget friendly meal. Recipes are kept at the Waminda Neighbourhood House and are also posted on Benalla Health Facebook page. One evaluation found that 75% of the group had more confidence in the kitchen, with all sharing recipes from the group with their friends/family.  People of all ages are welcome to the group.

More Information

For more information about our programs or groups please call us on (03) 5761 4500.