Emergency Information

Chronic & Complex Care is for people who:

  •  Are often unwell and are  admitted to hospital or at risk of  going to hospital.
  •  Have long term health conditions.
  • Need help to better understand and manage their health conditions.
  • Need health care services in their own home.  
  • Need help to connect to other services in the community.
  • Are a Benalla Rural City resident.

The services that you receive will depend upon:

  • Why you have been in hospital.
  • Your recovery needs.

How can Chronic & Complex  Care help you?

  • Connect you to longer term supports (if needed).
  • Confidence to ask your doctor questions.
  • To feel supported and that you are not alone.
  • Learn how to manage your health conditions and medications.
  • Confidence to get back to doing your day to day activities.
  • You will be connected to a Care Coordinator to help your journey through our program.

 The Chronic & Complex Care Team includes:

  • Care Coordinator
  • Heart Nurse
  • Lung Nurse
  • Dietitian
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • High Risk Foot Clinic (Podiatrist and Nurse)
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Quit Smoking Educator (if needed)
  • Allied Health Assistant

How much will it cost?

Free service.  However this does not cover the cost of any services already in place or any new community supports you may need.


All referrals via Intake Worker 5761 4500


Up to 12 months (if needed)


  • In your own home (whenever possible)
  • Community Rehabilitation Centre

Who to contact:

Benalla Community Care Reception:

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Phone: 03 5761 4500

Fax: 03 5761 4502