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Health Promotion in the Central Hume

Health agencies in partnership with North East Health Wangaratta, Ovens and King Community Health Service and Alpine Health are working on the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership Healthy Eating Plan 2012-2017. This collaborative plan aims to improve healthy eating in children aged 0-12 years and their families who live in the Benalla, Wangaratta, Mansfield and Alpine Shires.

The Hume region healthy eating goal is “for all people in the Hume Region are able to have access to food that is safe, nutritious and culturally valued.” 

Why Healthy Eating?

Healthy eating is essential for children's growth. In Australia 10% of disease is caused by not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Poor eating habits can lead to being overweight or obese.  

In Benalla,

  • 54.5% of adults do eat enough fruit and vegetables (VicHealth 2013).
  • 52.4% of adults are overweight and/or obese. This is higher than the Victorian average of 49.8% in Victoria (VicHealth 2013).
  • In the Hume Region:
  • More than two thirds (66.9%) of children aged 4-12 years in the Hume Region do not eat enough fruit and vegetables (Central Hume Primary Care Partnership 2012).

Obesity is more common in those experiencing socio-economic disadvantage (AIHW 2010). The Hume Region has a high number of low income families, with 36.5% of households earning less than $650 per week compared to the state average of 30.6% (Hume Region population Health Profile 2012). 

The rising obesity rates and people not eating enough fruit and vegetables can be caused by poor access to food. This may include poor transport, limited healthy foods, and low income.

Healthy Eating in Benalla and Mansfield

Benalla Health is tackling issues of poor food access by working with the community to make healthy food an easier choice. The CHPCP Healthy Eating Plan includes working with the Benalla Rural City Council to identify potential healthy eating initiatives which can improve healthy food access.