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Community Health Programs


Older adults swimming group, a trained health professional is present at sessions
Benefits: physical activity, supervised, company. Approx. $7 (Fri)

CHS Reception: 5761 4500


Arthritis Support Group

4th Monday of the month 10.30-12 noon

CHS Reception: 5761 4500 - Deb Smith CHN


Boob Bus

Regular bi monthly service to BreastScreen for eligible women, supported by Community Health Nurse. FREE

CHS Reception: 5761 4500 - Deb Smith CHN


Bringing Up Great Kids

Group parenting program run in collaboration with “Tomorrow Today’ Foundation. FREE

Tomorrow Today: 5762 1211


Carer’s Support Group

1st Wednesday of the month 2:30-4.00

CHS Reception: 5761 4500 - Deb Smith CHN


Diabetes Support and Information Group

This group meet quarterly and is provided with the latest diabetes information and facts. Participants enjoy the support of each other and can enjoy a healthy two course meal ($12)

CHS Reception: 5761 4500


Intermediate Strength and Endurance Training

An activity class for people who may not be confident or able to go to a gym, includes a mix of light weights and aerobic activity, fully supervised by a physiotherapist. Assessments are done before clients will be put into group to ensure all activities are appropriate

Benefits: supervised physical activity, company, very safe and supportive environment (Wed & Fri)

Cost: approx $5. Arrangements can be made for special cases

Physiotherapy Reception: 5760 2231


Parkinson’s Support Group

4th Wednesday of the month 11-1

CHS Reception: 5761 4500 - Deb Smith CHN


QUIT Educator

Accredited QUIT Educator for support to quit smoking. FREE

CHS Reception: 5761 4500


REACH Cooking Program

A cooking program aimed at people living on their own, who have limited cooking facilities or have an interest in food and cooking in a relaxed social environment. Benefits of participating in this program include; good company, learning new cooking skills and best of all enjoying a healthy and tasty meal. Waminda Neighbourhood House, fortnightly on Thursdays, 12 noon


CHS Reception: 5761 4500 - Kathryn McQualter



Benalla  Community Care    
45 Coster Street Benalla (next to the hospital)