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Healthy Food Connect: Food Systems  

Many people in Benalla have trouble buying healthy affordable food. Why is this so?

  • Poor transport to shops

  • Low income

  • “Food deserts” where food is not available in a 500m walking distance

  • Expensive food: See how much does it cost for healthy food?

Benalla Health and Benalla Rural City Council are working together change our local food system.

Benalla Rural City Council: Food initiatives could improve health for local children

What have we done?

More information

North East Local Food Strategy 2018-2022

The North East Local Food Strategy is a regionally developed, community collaboration document involving many organisations and people across the North East.

The purpose of the strategy is to:

1. Coordinate systems level approach to strengthening the regional food system

2. Identify priority areas for action

3. Be used as a resource to support funding applications by community members or organisations.

The document is available at