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Benalla Small Plates Project

The Benalla Small Plates Project aims to increase the number of healthy portioned meals for both adults and children in Benalla restaurants.

Families that eat outside of home often have little choie with meals being up to 250 per cent larger than at home.

A Small Plates restaurant offers healthier portions, and alternatives to deep fried kis meals.

The project was launched at the Thoona Pub in 2014.

Becoming an Accredited Small Plates restaurant

Do you customers ask for half serves? Do you have families wanting alternatives to chips and nuggets? Do you already have healthy menu meals? If yes you can become a Benalla Small Plates Restaurant!

As part of the project you will recieve a free nutrition analysis of your menu. We will work with your kitchen staff to come up with creative and tasty healthy meal choices. If you already have healthy choices, we will promote these to your customers. Once the Small Plates Criteria is met, you will become an Accredited SmallPlates Restaurant.

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Look out for the Small Plates Window Sticker!

Accredited Benalla Small Plates restaurants

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Information for Businesses

For more information please contact Kathryn McQualter, Dietititian, Benalla Health, 45 Coster St, phone (03) 57614500 or kathryn.mcqualter@benallahealth.org.au