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Parkinson's Support Group

Why join a Parkinson’s Support Group?

There are many benefits that come from joining a support group and getting together with friends to experience peer support in a friendly, relaxed environment.

  • Besides helping you realise you are not alone, a support group gives you a chance to share your feelings, and hear the experience of others.
  • Support groups encourage the growth of knowledge and by knowing more about Parkinson’s (through the experience of others, and through professional resources) you discover new ways of dealing with your own symptoms and challenges.
  • Support groups acknowledge individuality while encouraging unity and a sense of “being in this together”.
  • There is the opportunity to talk with others about how they cope with challenging situations.
  • In addition, support groups provide a unique environment to be understood by others in similar circumstances and help you renew your sense of hope in dealing with changes to your lifestyle.
  • Support groups give you a chance to make new friends and break down feelings of isolation. 

Living with Parkinson’s or caring for someone with Parkinson’s is full of challenges. You don’t have to feel alone. The Benalla Parkinson’s Support Group offers members a chance to meet and talk with others who share similar experiences, situations and problems. Monthly meetings are informal and friendly, and new members are always welcome. Carers and friends are also welcome to join us for a cuppa and a chat.
What to expect when you attend a Benalla Support Group

Meetings typically involve:

  • Group discussions
  • Sharing experiences and practical tips and advice on living with Parkinson’s
  • Learning about Parkinson’s, its challenges and treatment
  • Information and education sessions
  • Visits from the Client Services Team of Parkinson’s Victoria.
  • Social activities and day trips.

Guest speakers, such as occupational therapists, social workers, doctors and chemists, are also invited to various meetings to discuss topical and/or relevant subjects. The Benalla Parkinson’s Support Group also offers members a number of support and information resources.

NB: While members may tend to discuss their experiences of Parkinson’s during meetings, it is important to remember that everyone has different symptoms and will respond differently to treatments. Professional advice must be sought before altering any treatment.

Meeting details:

Meetings take place at Benalla Community Care, Ray Sweeney Centre, Activities Room 1, 45 Coster Street, Benalla on the fourth Wednesday of the month, 11am to 1pm.

To find out more about your local Parkinson’s Support Group Contact:

  • The Benalla Parkinson’s Support Group Convenor, phone (03) 5761 4500. 
  • Community Health Nurse Benalla Community Health Service, phone (03) 5761 4500
  • Parkinson’s Victoria: 1800 644 189
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