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Benalla Health’s Integrated Health Promotion plan commenced in 2013. Strategies were implemented across Benalla Rural City Council and Mansfield Shire Council.

Mansfield Hospital took over the funding for integrated health promotion and primary health services from Benalla Health in July 2015.

Mental Health (Family Violence Prevention)

Why is Benalla Health focusing on the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children?

Benalla has a higher than average aged population and has a high level of socio-economic disadvantage.  These factors are both risk factors for isolation and mental health.  Benalla’s suicide, crime, family incidents and child protection substantiations were all higher than statewide averages. Family fragmentation, dysfunction and child neglect are all risk factors for mental health issues.  Those with mental health issues may be subject to discrimination and isolation due to their illness, further contributing to their condition.

The presence of these risk factors has contributed to the selection of relevant interventions for the Benalla community.  Interventions were also informed by participation of both agency and community members on the Benalla Health & Wellbeing Group of the Benalla Taskforce, convened to identify and address mental and physical health issues in Benalla Rural City.  

2013-2017 Report

The full report can be downloaded here. In this report we outline the significant effort that has gone into Family Violence Prevention. During that time we specifically focussed on the following key areas:

  1. Skills Development
  2. Empowering and Supporting victims and at Risk Groups
  3. Educating our Community;
  4. Supporting Community Action;
  5. Developing Community Leadership; 

Many thanks to the members of the Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network for their support and assistance in the delivery of this plan.

  1. Benalla Health
  2. Benalla Rural City Council
  3. Central Hume Primary Care Partnership
  4. Victoria Police
  5. Centre Against Violence
  6. Benalla P-12 College
  7. Rural Housing Network Limited
  8. Department of Health & Human Services
  9. Women’s Health Goulburn North East
  10. Mental Illness Fellowship
  11. Tomorrow Today Foundation
  12. Mind Australia
  13. GOTAFE
  14. Benalla Lions Club
  15. Benalla Carer’s & Parents support Group Inc.
  16. North East Support & Action for Youth (NESAY)
  17. Gateway Health
  18. St Vincent De Paul’s.

We also want to acknowledge all of the grass roots support that have come from our Benalla White Ribbon Day Supporters.

  1. Benalla Saints Football Netball Club
  2. Benalla and District Fire Brigade Group
  3. Benalla and District Pre-School Partnership
  4. Benalla All Blacks Football Netball Club
  5. Benalla Anytime Fitness
  6. Benalla Business Network
  7. Benalla Ensign
  8. Benalla Health
  9. Benalla P-12 College
  10. Benalla Rural City Council
  11. Benalla Soroptomists
  12. Big Hair
  13. Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  14. Department of Health and Human Services East Division
  15. FCJ College Benalla
  16. Georgina’s Restaurant
  17. Goorambat Football Netball Club
  18. Hollywood Café
  19. Leading Edge Books
  20. Lions Club of Benalla
  21. McDonalds Benalla and Euroa
  22. Rotary Club of Benalla
  23. Rural Housing Network
  24. St Vincent De Paul Benalla
  25. Samaria Suns Football Club
  26. Smith Dosser Accountants
  27. Tomorrow Today Foundation
  28. Waminda Community House
  29. Wellways
  30. West End Post Office and General Store
  31. Young Leos

Healthy Eating

The final report of the 2013-2017 Health Eating Plan will be released soon.