Emergency Information

Antenatal & Childbirth Classes

Benalla Health offer a range of information sessions to help support and prepare you for pregnancy, labour and the birth of your baby, including what to expect when you go home.

Antenatal and Childbirth classes commence from 7pm - 9pm Tuesday evenings every second month.

The birthing and parenting classes will comprise of the following:

  • Week 1  Physiology of the pregnant parent, stages of labour & Birth.  Tour of Birth suite and postnatal rooms.
  • Week 2  Options of Pain relief during labour, Deviations from the norm: Induction of labour, elective and emergency Caesarean -section.
  • Week 3  Postnatal care & Newborn care (how to care for a Newborn, nappy, bathing, dressing & swaddling etc) and Breastfeeding/Artificially Feeding baby.

Classes are open to anyone in the Benalla region.


Early Pregnancy Classes

Early Pregnancy Classes are aimed at anyone who is pregnant or planning their pregnancy and has an interest in staying fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy. 

The classes will be conducted by a physiotherapist, dietitian and a midwife who together will present information on fitness, health and nutrition and introduce to you exactly what is happening to your body during pregnancy. 

Classes will run from 7pm – 9pm on the first Tuesday of every 2nd Month. 

please email or telephone the maternity unit to discuss your needs.

Our contact details are:
Benalla Maternity Unit
Ph: (03) 5761 4749
Email: midwifery@benallahealth.org.au