Emergency Information

Occupational Health & Safety

These policies are available in more detail on Benalla Health's intranet website which you will have access to whilst as a student here. On your orientation day you will be shown where to find this information in your work area.

Emergency Codes

You will be given laminated cards with the emergency codes information on them.  These are to be attached with your student identification card and can therefore be carried with you on placement at all times.  

Should you be involved in an emergency, a large number of people usually arrive very quickly. Steps you can take to help would be to clear the area of clutter, fetching the “crash trolley”; perhaps assist other patients or family members to an area where they can sit and wait.

For any type of medical or other emergency within the hospital, dial *44.

You will be prompted you to pass on the type of emergency and the exact location of emergency i.e. wards and room number.

  • CODE RED = Fire/smoke
  • CODE BLUE = Cardiac Arrest or other Medical emergency
  • CODE BLACK = Hold-up/Hostage or Violent Person
  • CODE BROWN = External disaster
  • CODE PURPLE = Bomb/Arson threat
  • CODE ORANGE = Evacuation
  • CODE YELLOW = Internal disaster
  • CODE GREY = Unarmed Threat

We have CODE BLUE buttons in the patient care areas that alert some of the necessary staff to the emergency, and can be utilised for ease of access.  If there is no CODE BLUE button, call the emergency number *44.

Fire safety

It is a fact of life that every year people die as a result of fires within buildings.  However, significantly many more people suffer serious injury and trauma from smoke inhalation and burns. They also suffer from the emotional after effects of a fire. 
Benalla Health contains various types of fire safety equipment, including smoke and fire detectors, smoke and fire alarms, smoke and fire doors, fire suppression sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels.  In the event of a fire within Benalla Health, there is a Chief Warden and Area Warden who are required to take charge and coordinate counter measures and supervise evacuation as required.  The fire alarm system notifies the fire brigade via an automatic alarm monitoring service.

In the event of a fire, remember to keep calm, do not shout ‘Fire’ and remember the principles of RACE:

R        Remove

  • Remove anyone in immediate danger to the next fire safe compartment

A       Alarm

  • Alarm – Break glass alarm, then call *44, state Respond Red – location
  • Notify Area Warden (person in charge)
  • Turn off medical gases and remove portable cylinders if safe to do so

C        Contain

  • Isolate Fire / Smoke by closing doors

E        Extinguish the fire, only i it is safe to do so

  • Follow instructions of Chief Fire Warden

Throughout Benalla Health there are emergency stations which contain the Internal Emergency Procedures manual, a map of each area’s assembly point and the contact details for Area Wardens and H&S reps.  Please take the time to read through the Internal Emergency Procedures manual and familiarise yourself with at least 2 emergency routes within your area.  If you have any queries, please contact the Area Warden within your area.

Emergency equipment

Emergency trolleys are generally shared by more than one unit. It is a good idea to familiarise your self with the “crash cart” and its whereabouts.

There is limited emergency equipment available in the acute rooms, including oxygen masks and tubing, and guedells airways and suction equipment.

Please seek out all emergency equipment and the crash cart during your first day