Emergency Information

Pre Placement Requirements

The following are required to be emailed to education@benallahealth.org.au at least one week prior to the commencement of placement: 

If unable to provide any of the above, please contact the Education Team as soon as possible on 5761 4310 or education@benallahealth.org.au

COVID Precautions

We ask that any student who feels unwell contact the Education Team on 5761 4310 or education@benallahealth.org.au prior to attending placement.

Orientation Checklist for Students

It is a requirement of Benalla Health that you review the topics and complete this online orientation package.   Please ensure that you have read and understood them and then complete the orientation checklist. Tick the boxes to indicate the areas/policy documents you have read and understood.  By completeing this checklist you are agreeing to comply with the policies and requirements of each area.  

Students are expected to provide all the relevant completed paperwork stated in this on-line orientation process 2 weeks prior to commencement.  Swipe cards will be issued to students during orientation, this enables access to hospital areas, a $30 swipe card fee will be charged to you, should you fail to return it on your last day. 

Students who present without all requrested paperwork will be unable to commence placement.