Emergency Information

Urgent Care Centre

Come and see us for the management of injuries related to emergencies and health care concerns.

Benalla Health Urgent Care Centre (UCC) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and staffed by highly qualified nursing professionals including our newly appointed Nurse Practitioners, Rural and Isolated Practice Registered Nurses (RIPRN) and Registered Nurses who are supported by our Visiting General Practitioners (GPs) and Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED) specialists. 

What to expect?

When you arrive at the Urgent Care Centre please press the button to let staff know that you have arrived. You will then be welcomed, assessed and triaged by a nurse.

At Benalla Health we use an urgency system (known as triage) to ensure that the needs of those who are more time critical are seen first.
You may then be asked questions relating to the following:

  • Previous health problems
  • Current medications
  • Recent overseas travel
  • Allergies
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Any other information needed to treat you

Our nurses will assess your condition and will assist you and others to ensure the best decisions are made for you and your health. We will then decide whether you will need to see a doctor.

Is there a cost?

UCC is a public service so all people who have access to Medicare receive free nursing treatment. Benalla Health is committed to providing Nurse Practitioners from 7.30am - 4pm Monday - Friday where possible. ALL Nurse Practitioner services are free of charge for Medicare patients. 

If you are required to see a Doctor they may charge a fee. UCC is not staffed by Doctors but our local GP’s are “on call” as required. If you need imaging you may be charged however if you have a concession or Health Care card you will be bulk billed.

Ambulance Membership

We encourage all community members to hold an Ambulance Victoria membership. If you are referred to another facility for care and require an ambulance transfer you will need your Amulance Victoria Membership, otherwise there will be a fee invoiced by Ambulance Victoria.

How can you access this service?

You can call (03) 5761 4226 to ask about our services or to let us know you are on your way or walk in off the street. We refrain from giving advice about your care over the phone and can’t provide information about waiting times, as this can change very quickly.

Learn more

To learn more about our services download our flyer or call our Urgent Care Centre for further information.
(03) 5761 4226. In an emergency call 000