The Urgent Care Centre at Benalla Health is a busy, dynamic six-bed department, where staff see on average 600 to 700 patients per month. It has four acute beds and two resuscitation beds.

The centre is manned by highly skilled Registered Nurses who are all trained in Advanced Life Support and have excellent assessment skills. The nursing staff in this department are continually updating their knowledge.

On arrival, you will see a triage nurse who assesses your immediate needs. More serious cases are given the highest priority.

It is not usual for people to come to the centre with life-threatening illnesses and they are usually transferred to the nearest appropriate health service.

You can download our brochure on the UCC to find out more.

Benalla Health does not employ doctors.

The Urgent Care Centre service is provided with the support of Benalla’s General Practitioner workforce, who service the Urgent Care Centre in addition to their normal workload. The nursing staff have a professional working relationship with the GPs which enables them to discuss treatment options.  

If you are seen by a doctor, you will be charged by the doctor for the Urgent Care Centre visit and out of pocket expenses are likely.

The closest free Emergency Department medical service is located at Northeast Health Wangaratta.