Emergency Information

Our objectives:

We are a service dedicated to providing quality care. Our objectives are:

  1. To organise and provide health care service in the Benalla district and, in particular hospital based services, including Regional services and services provided jointly with other agencies in accordance with the Health Services Act 1988, and all existing or future relevant Acts and Regulations;
  2. To utilise appropriate physical and personal resources, knowledge and available technologies to promote health and to prevent, treat and alleviate disease, disability, injury and suffering so far as is possible in the prevailing conditions;
  3. To set and achieve standards consistent with prevailing principles of quality patient care and community health needs;
  4. To foster continuing improvement in standards through education, research and training; and
  5. To manage and maintain a Community Health Service for all persons which will provide facilities, personnel and services to achieve the following aims:
  • Promoting health awareness;
  • Improving health standards;
  • Fostering awareness and prevention of illness and disability;
  • Supporting persons in their home environment; and
  • Rehabilitation.