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Cultural, Diversity & Consumer Committee


The Cultural Diversity and Consumer Committee (CDCC) is an opportunity for consumers and community members in Benalla to provide their views on how Benalla Health operates, its various services and give input into planning and policy development.

The CDCC is a board sub-committee with two board members on the committee and enables consumer/community views to go up to the Benalla Health Board of Management on a variety of issues of importance to the community, consumers and carers.

How often does the CDCC meet?

The CDCC meets bi-monthly, usually as a lunch time meeting over one and half hours involving consumer representatives, Executive members and senior members of the clinical staff at Benalla Health.

Current Board Representatives:









David Elford - Chair Dennis O'Brien Lisa Marta





Current Consumer Representatives:

Shirley Gilmour

Trish Curtis

Ian Graves

Mandy Johnson

Debbie Rees


Interested in becoming a member?

Membership of the CDCC is open to anyone who resides or works within Benalla municipality or who has family members who have received a service from Benalla Health.

Applicants for the CDCC should reflect the diversity of the communities served by Benalla Health. However, members are not sought as “representatives” of consumer groups, but as independent consumer “consultants” and will have a role in consulting with consumer representative groups.

Commitment to development of consumer participation at Benalla Health will be the first requirement. The aim is to attract people who can reflect on and bring an understanding of consumer perspectives to Benalla Health.

Members will need to:

  • Be approachable and available for consultation with community members and consumers;
  • Have strong community links and networks;
  • Be able to work as part of a team;
  • Be flexible and able to step back from personal agendas;
  • Be able to address a range of issues from a population/community view not partisan interests;
  • Have demonstrated interest in community service;
  • Be available to commit sufficient time to participate fully in the work of the committee;
  • Commitment to supporting improvements in the quality, appropriateness and accessibility of the services provided by Benalla Health;
  • Ability to communicate the needs, expectations and concerns of consumers.

Young people are encouraged to participate as the youth voice is especially important to Benalla Health