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Benalla Health Education & Research Unit

Supporting staff education is a priority

There is a strong focus on education at Benalla Health. This is important to ensure the provision of high-quality, safe care for patients, clients and residents.

Education supports staff to keep their practice up to date and to achieve their professional development goals, helping to make Benalla Health an organisation where healthcare professionals want to come and work.

The Staff Education calendar includes:

  • Orientation program for all new staff members
  • Learning and teaching programs to support mandatory, required and career progression training.
  • Transitions to practice programs to support new and early graduate nurses, midwives and allied health staff
  • Participation in Hume Region Nursing and Midwifery Education Program.
  • Access to ReHSeN (Regional Health Services eLearning Network) - http://rehsen.e3learning.com.au
  • Access to additional elearning resources and the Benalla Health Education Calendar via HELP (Hume Education Learning Portal) http://www.humeeducationlearningportal.org.au