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Environmental Best Practices & Efficiencies in Waste Management

Benalla Health has a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan.  Innovative projects planned, initiated and successfully completed by our Engineering Services Team include:

  • Removal of Cooling Towers and replacement with Air Cooled Condensers – eliminating the threat of Legionella and delivering substantial savings in energy costs

  • Installation of Underground Water Storage – 1,000 litre capacity for every cubic metre.Covering the space with crushed rock and artificial grass provides an attractive and practical solution. The water is connected to an automated reticulated system to keep surrounding gardens green and healthy

  • Connection of of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System to Washer Disinfector and Utensil Sanitiser – dispensing 1 litre of water for every 5 litres of waste produced. Waste water is captured, diverted and stored in state-of-the-art underground storage cells which is then utilised to water the grounds

  • Computerised Building Management System – Benalla Health was one of the pioneers of this system, initially developed in the 1980’s. Our Engineering Team are able to monitor most of the main equipment and buildings and can easily determine the conditions of wards and rooms, enabling effective maintenance of temperature. Monitoring activities cover many aspects including air conditioning, hot water boilers, chilled water, domestic hot temperature and critical theatre environments

  • Installation of highly efficient solar panel system – delivering 192kw of energy and a significant reduction in electricity costs

  • Conversion of all fluorescent lighting and downlights to LEDs – reducing energy costs but delivering the same level of luminosity through the careful selection of LED products

  • Heat Reclaim Air Conditioning System in Aged Care and Education buildings – significant energy savings and efficiencies through an intelligent distribution box which sends excess heat to parts of the building as required and not losing heat to the outside atmosphere

  • Installation of new Malmet Energy Saving Sanitizer – fully compliant with AS4187-2014, this unit maintains a higher temperature of 90 degrees for 1 minute with the benefit of having a detergent wash included in the cycle delivering a highly efficient clean.Australian-owned and made, parts and servicing are easily accessible

  • Replacement of timber with Modwood on outdoor furniture.Modwood is made from 90% recycled materials and designed not to crack, warp or splinter and requires no sanding or painting.A low maintenance and long lasting solution for furniture exposed to the elements

  • Battery and Toner/Cartridge recycling systems – designated receptacles are located in various areas of the campus to collect batteries and toner/ink cartridges for off-site recycling


Images from left to right - Air cooling system interior, Air cooling system exterior, Underground water storage cells, Artificial grass above underground water storage area, Reverse Osmosis system (2 images)