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Benalla praised in Royal Commission Report

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence has recognized the good work already being done in Benalla to educate our community and reduce family violence.

The Commission also heard about examples of work already happening in rural, regional and remote communities, including the following:

  • Community participation in campaigns and events such as White Ribbon Day and Take a Stand.
  • A focus on parenting (such as Parent and Child Mother Goose, Parents Early Education Partnership (PEEP), Real Men Make Great Dads and Bringing up Great Kids) and communication and self-defence (such as Rock and Water).
  • Provision of education about respectful relationships to people in schools, sporting clubs and community groups.
  • Encouraging local businesses and organizations to support gender equity and respect within their organizational structure

The Royal Commission report quoted from the submission made by the Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network which says:

There is no quick fix to the prevention of family violence in our community. However, the right plan financed for the long term and supported by grass roots community campaigns and ownership will work.

Neil Stott, Chair of the Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network and White Ribbon Ambassador said:

“Benalla like the rest of Victoria, is on a journey, which at the end will see the scourge of family violence reduced and finally eradicated. We look forward to building on the work we have already achieved by supporting Commission’s key recommendations. We are developing the “one stop shop” at the Ray Sweeney Centre, where victims have access to a range of support services. Last year’s “March Against Violence” on White Ribbon Day attracted over 300 participants. Whilst the number of Family Violence reports are likely to keep increasing in the short term, our efforts at educating the community about what is family violence; supporting victims by showing them where to get help; encouraging role models for men and boys growing up; education in the schools and encouraging the community to stand up and speak out against family violence are the keys to reducing family violence in the long term.”

Some of the key recommendations of the Royal Commission fit in with the work the members of the Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network have already done over the last six years.

  • Government give priority to reducing family violence in rural, regional and remote communities
  • Support and Safety Hubs in local communities throughout Victoria, to make it easier for victims to find help and gain access to a greater range of services
  • More specialist family violence courts that can deal with criminal, civil and family law matters
  • Give priority to funding therapeutic interventions and counselling for children and young people who are victims of family violence
  • People affected by FV have access to group/individual counselling
  • Stronger perpetrator programs and increased monitoring and oversight by agencies
  • Family violence training for all key workforces—including in hospitals and schools
  • Investment in future generations through expanded respectful relationships education in schools

Want to start making a difference today?

Your organization or business can sign up as a “Benalla White Ribbon Day Supporter”.

You can help organize the 2016 “Benalla March Against Violence” being held on White Ribbon Day (25th November). A planning meeting will be held on Monday 18th April 2016, 5.15pm at the Ray Sweeney Centre, 45 Coster Street, Benalla.

Contact Neil Stott on 5761 4500 for more information on how you can get involved.

Victims of Family Violence are encouraged to call Centre Against Violence 1800 015 188

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