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Tips for eating well

Benalla Health dietitians have urged people to plan ahead for healthier eating habits.

Dietitians at Benalla Health advise simple, easy snacks and meals which please the whole family.
They have come up with some easy tips to help make meal time easier for busy households, which include:

  • Schedule a day each week to sit down and write up a shopping list. 
  • Involve the children in deciding what meals they would like during the week.
  • Try a new recipe once a week. If you try too many new recipes at once, it can be overwhelming! Keep a food recipe bank at home to choose from.
  • Look at what is in your pantry; check out the site www.lovefoodhatewaste.vic.gov.au for great ideas on leftovers.
  • Try a free phone or tablet app to help you such as ShopShop, Shopper Free and Menu Planner. 


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