Committed to midwifery

Benalla Health has reassured women and their families of its commitment to continuing to offer high calibre maternity services.

Chief Executive Officer Janine Holland said that while a shortage of midwives had caused some service disruptions last year, recent efforts to recruit new midwives had been successful.
“We continue to have the full support of the Board of Management to do all that we can to make sure we recruit talented midwives to support our maternity service,” she said.
“As well as using some temporary agency staff in the short term, we have also had success with a large-scale advertising campaign to recruit midwives to our service and we will continue  with this strategy.
 “There is a national shortage of midwives and unfortunately, Benalla Health is no different in experiencing issues in attracting midwifery staff.
“What we are doing in a bid to become a more sustainable service is to advertise more widely using social media platforms to see if we can communicate to people the benefits of working at Benalla Health, which is an employer of choice and has a lot to offer in terms of work-life balance.”
Ms Holland said the support of the Benalla community had also been a great help and this is sincerely appreciated.
“We want to make sure that people know about the advantages of having their babies at Benalla Health and we have also distributed posters and used social media again to encourage families to consider Benalla Health as a safe and satisfying option for low risk maternity care,”she said.
“We have highly skilled GP Obstetricians and midwives, with access to 24/7 theatre for elective and emergency caesarean sections. 
“We encourage any woman interested in having her baby at Benalla Health to come and view our private and comfortable rooms so they are aware of the great services we offer.” 
An appointment to view the Benalla Health facilities can be made by phoning (03) 5761 4222.
Any midwife interested in working at Benalla Health is encouraged to contact the Human Resources Department on (03) 5761 4212 or


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