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Health Independence Programs

The Health Independence Programs (HIP) provide a range of supportive rehabilitation and chronic disease management services to people who have been unwell in hospital, or in our Urgent Care Centre.  

A range of services can be provided at home, at Community Health, or other community-based venues to enable a planned return to normal every day activities.   The care provided is focused on what each individual person feels is important to their health and wellbeing.  Therefore our team helps each person to identify and create a written 'Shared Support Plan’ containing their main identified health issues, goals to work towards and actions that will move the plan forwards.

The HIP team invests considerable time in communicating with nominated important people such as care providers, family members, Case managers, doctors, specialist assessment services, home care providers, Home Nursing Service, hospitals and a wide range of community-based supportive services, so that our clients have everyone “on the same page” when it comes to planning for their care. 

Each client is followed through their episode of care by a key worker.  The wider team consists of and allied health assistant, dietitian, registered nurses, High Risk Foot Clinic (limitations apply), occupational therapist, physiotherapist, Quit educator, speech pathologist and social worker. 

We run specific groups for people who have experienced a hip or knee replacement, heart and blood vessel disease, or are coping with long-term breathing problems.  The HIP team also supports people at “high risk” who may be older, frail, disabled, at risk of homelessness, have mental health challenges, lack social supports or have cultural and language specific needs.


To optimise a person’s ability to participate in activities of daily living, and connect that person to services which assist them to stay living in a community setting.

People who are eligible:

Hospital admission and require services from two or more health professionals on our team to rehabilitate.

It is offered to residents of Benalla Rural City.

Additionally “at imminent risk” people in our community people with complex health needs who are older, frail, disabled, homeless, have mental health challenges, complex lives, lack of social supports or cultural and language barriers may be eligible.

They will receive a variety of health-related services (who have a need to work together).

Key objectives:

  • A planned return home from hospital as soon as possible
  • Achieve and maintain therapy goals
  • Provide options for treatment that are centre-based and/or home-based i.e. meet the needs of individual
  • Break down the barriers to achieving health goals by creating a ‘Shared Support Plan’
  • Prevent avoidable hospital admissions
  • Effective and timely communication with all relevant services involved in your health care
  • A planned discharge from our program