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Strong position for health service

Benalla Health has ended the financial year in a strong financial position, boasting an operating surplus on top of achieving its delivery of a high standard of care to all patients.

Board Chair Louise Armstrong and Chief Executive Officer Janine Holland highlighted the organisations successes at this year's Annual General Meeting.

“In an environment of fiscal restraint, staff worked considerably hard to achieve the budget surplus while excelling in the high standard of care delivered,’’ said Mrs Holland.

She said Benalla Health had met all acute and community health activity targets for the financial year across the acute inpatient, obstetric services surgical services departments.

Highlights of the financial year in the tabled Annual Report included the completion and re-opening of the new and improved Morrie Evan’s Wing.

The wing, which provides high-level care to patients as well as dementia care, was completed on time and on budget.

Patients now have access to larger modern rooms with increased accessibility as well as their own private ensuite.

Mrs Holland said the new and improved wing provided exceptional aged care in a home like environment for its patients.

Benalla Health, in partnership with Goulburn Valley Health, completed more than 400 eye surgeries in the 2018/2019 financial year.

This tremendous achievement dramatically slashed the waiting list for these type of surgeries in the region.

“This is a huge credit to the surgeons, theatre staff and day procedure staff,’’ she said.

“The feedback we have had from patients who have received this surgery is amazing.’’

Mrs Holland said Benalla Health had been working hard behind the scenes to strengthen maternity services within the organisation.

Maternity bookings have remained steady and strong throughout the year and Benalla Health has received positive feedback about the high level of care provided by midwives and doctors.

Benalla Health has been successful in minimising its environmental footprint by identifying and implementing ways to reduce waste going to landfill.

The health service through its waste minimisation and recycling committee has achieved measurable targets for the reduction of clinical sharps and landfill waste as well as improvements in water and energy use.

Mrs Holland said the Victorian Health Care Experience Survey had returned great feedback for Benalla Health during the year with patient satisfaction results remaining above the state average.

“This confirms the excellent care that is consistently provided by our dedicated staff,’’ she said.

Benalla Health has again been at the forefront in ensuring it continually updates major pieces of equipment.

Beds, patient monitors, a patient lift system, pharmacy scanners and gastroscopes were just some of the major pieces of capital equipment purchased this year.


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