Experience proves positive

When it came to having their first child, Alanna Burnell and her husband, Glenn, are extremely pleased that they chose Benalla Health.

Alanna gave birth to a beautiful healthy daughter, Imogen, just over 12 months ago and is now expecting her second child, which she also plans to have at Benalla Health midwifery unit.
“We had such a great experience,” she said.
“I ended up having to have an emergency C-section and while that was a bit scary, the doctors and midwives were excellent and I knew I was in the best of care”.
“Probably for me the major benefit was the privacy of our own room”
“It was great to be able to spend our first few days as a new family together at the hospital without feeling like there was any rush for us to leave and being able to get the support and help we needed while we learned how to be parents”.
“I would encourage anyone who is considering having a baby at Benalla Health to go and view the facilities as it will be a pleasant surprise and it really showcases what a wonderful service we have here in Benalla.”


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