Lauren advocates for midwifery

Lauren Ure has become something of an advocate for Benalla Health’s midwifery services.

Lauren and her partner Bill welcomed their daughter, Savannah, in January and said the services they found at Benalla were first-class.

“We live at Avenel so I could had had Savannah at Shepparton, Benalla or Kilmore but I heard some good things about Benalla and my mother and I went and had a look and were just amazed at how good the services are,” she said.

“We really liked the rooms, we really liked the way that the staff treated us and we got to know the midwives during the pregnancy so when I went into labour, I was surrounded by people I already had a relationship with.

“Bill was able to stay as well and that was really lovely – we felt we had a great experience and had a big, private room with a beautiful view out to the garden.

“It was so wonderful.”

Lauren said that since having Savannah and experiencing the facilities, she has told many people about Benalla Health and what it could offer.

“I am more than happy to talk about my experience and to encourage people to check out what Benalla has to offer as I think people will be really pleasantly surprised,” she said.

Director of Clinical Services Maree Woodhouse said that tours of facilities with expectant parents were encouraged.

“We have some very experienced midwives and we can really offer a quality service and the support of highly trained medical staff,” she said.

“I think people are very surprised by what they see when they come to Benalla Health because it has a lot to offer and the experience we can give mothers is very personal and caring.”

For further details or to arrange a tour of the facilities, contact Benalla Health.

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