White Ribbon support strong

Several organisations have joined up as White Ribbon Supporters in recent months.

These have included:

  • Smith Dosser Accountants and Business Advisors;
  • McDonald's;
  • Big Hair.

Benalla has the 3rd highest rate in the State with Family Incidents reported to the Police where Children are present.

Benalla is the 1st highest LGA for Family Incidents reported in the Goulburn Murray Area of East Division and 5th highest in the state.

 As a White Ribbon Day supporter, you can become part of the solution and not part of the problem. Not a bystander but someone who is prepared to take action and make a difference. Like everything worth doing, becoming a Benalla White Ribbon Day supporter comes with a cost. It requires commitment, hard work and a willingness to stand out in the crowd and say no.

White Ribbon Day Supporter’s commitment:

1. Swear the Oath.
I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women

2. Sign the Preventing Violence Against Women and Children Charter.

As a Community member/organisation of the Hume Region we sign this Charter, to condemn violence against women in all its forms and to commit to action that promotes gender equity:

  • We will speak out about sexism, gender inequity and violence against women
  • We will provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for women and children
  • We will model respectful relationships between peers and all members of the community
  • We will provide a structural and cultural environment that promotes gender equity
  • We will not commit violence against women in any form (emotional, sexual, psychological, financial, physical or spiritual)

3. Support the provision of training and support to members of your organisation to meet the requirements of the Preventing Violence Against Women and Children Charter.

4. Support White Ribbon Day events in Benalla / Mansfield and elsewhere.

5. Display White Ribbon Day promotional material in your organisation and within your publications.

6. Speak Out and Take a Stand wherever you witness Family Violence and Violence against Women in all of its forms.


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